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Apply for FREE student membership online today!

To access the range of benefits available to students and pre-registration trainees you will need to complete an Application Form. Benefits include a fortnightly copy of OT (Optometry Today) free of charge for which you will need to give your term-time and home addresses.

Who can apply:

Undergraduate students studying a recognised optometry degree course in the UK or Republic of Ireland

Post-graduates (BSc Optom) who are in their pre-registration period (thereafter they must apply for full membership)

To apply you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your personal details
  • Home address
  • Term time address
  • University
  • GOC number (1st year students may add their GOC number once they have received it)
  • If re-applying for student membership, you will need your:
    • membership number
    • password
    • date of birth
    • GOC number
  • Name and address of your employer (pre-registration students only)

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